New Carry On Size Limits….are you aware of these??

Not all airline companies follow the same size guidelines when it comes to carry-on luggage.  You will have to do some investigative research to see if your luggage is the appropriate size or you will be paying.  United, Delta and American Airlines changed their carry on size limits to a 14 inch width, 22 inch length and 9 inch depth.  And, if you get past security with the oversized luggage, only to be stopped at the gate, you will be charged at the gate the $25.00 baggage fee.  You can fight, argue and stomp your feet, but if the luggage does not fit in the “bag sizer” you are going to pay.  Jet Blue and SouthWest are more forgiving and allow a bit larger bag.  Their limit is 24 inch length, 16 inch width and 10 inch depth.

When searching for the right carry on, make sure you go with tape measure in hand, because if the luggage is even half an inch larger than the exact dimensions, you will be paying!   And, make sure to include the handles and wheels.

Do you have a particular luggage brand that you love?  If so, please let us know!