New Hotel Trends

Keyless entry:

Is keyless entry the new norm?  Is this something you feel comfortable with?  Is technology at a point where going keyless is the way of the future?  Some hotels are starting to use keyless entry by which the guest downloads a mobile app.  The guest then just has to wave the phone in front of the door and it will open automatically.

The Guest Room:

Hotel chains are moving into a new era.  The millennials want different things from what the Baby Boomers or Gen-X group is looking for.  They expect Wi-Fi (free would be best), they don’t need desks (they work off laptops), and extra outlets and USB ports (those devices need plugs!).

Will check ins be by app only? 

Millennials don’t stand in line!  They are looking to bypass the traditional check in….they want to click and go!  Many just want kiosk type check-in as they have in airports….or better just a mobile app!

Have you noticed a new trend that you would like to discuss?  If so, let me know.

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