Are you connected?

Close your eyes and imagine that you have been travelling all day and finally get checked into your room with a conference call looming on the horizon only to find that your laptop and phone are at 10% charged.  Scrambling around to find two outlets close to each other so that you can be prepared for your call is turning out to be somewhat of a disaster…..attempting to move the desk, or wriggling behind the table to only realize that the cord is too short for you to talk and therefore you have to sit scrunched on the floor like a get the picture??

Many hotels are starting to come around by installing mini charging stations in the rooms as well as the lobby in convenient areas so that guests are able to work and recharge as necessary without turning into Olympic gymnasts.  More and more hotels are offering free wi-fi and hi-tech is becoming more the norm than ever before.  Guests want to feel connected and by offering these amenities the hotel companies will gain repeat customers.

Are there any hi-tech items you would like to see in your favorite hotel?  Let me know….and you just may be featured in an upcoming blog.