Road Trip!

Taking a summer road trip with the kids conjures up images of happier days where  everyone jumped into the station wagon with all the luggage strapped to the roof.  A time where seat belts were just a suggestion and license plate games were a thrill (maybe just maybe you could find a Hawaii or Alaska plate).  There were no DVD’s, no cell phones, and no GPS’s …..just you, the kids, the dog, the open road and the age old saying ARE WE THERE YET???  …well a lot has changed in the last 40 years!

Travel now is a totally different ballgame than it used to be.  The internet has opened our eyes and mind to the world.   And, the interstates have made travel much easier to get from point A to point B in a quicker time.  Back in the day we would start with the Rand McNally and then stop off at a roadside visitor information center and pick up the colorful brochures to scour over deciding if we were going to go off the beaten path to find the underground caves, or panning for gold, even something as exciting as seeing  the world’s largest yarn ball!  I do not believe there is a child out there who can forget seeing the billboards for South of the Border while driving North-South on 1-95.  As Pedro would say “chile today, hot tamale!”

Where are you going this summer?  Wherever you go, we hope the weather is pleasant, the traffic is a breeze and the kids asking  “are we there yet?” is kept to a minimum.