Flamingo National Park1 Flamingo Lodge Hwy, Homestead, Florida 33034

The Opportunity

Took over the project management for completing a hotel and restaurant made of shipping containers. The lodge buildings are designed with the first floor located 13 feet above grade level to allow for a tidal surge. The containers and site had to be modified to meet both the Florida building codes and certain ADA requirements including ramp structures to meet slope requirements and hurricane requirements. The initial container manufacturer went into chapter 7 during the design process, a second manufacturer was brought in to complete the lodge manufacturing component and a third manufacturer was contracted to complete the restaurant. In addition, the general contractor was terminated for lack of performance.

The Result

The lodge installation was negotiated to be completed by the manufacturer’s installation crew overseen by a new general contractor familiar with container construction. The restaurant container construction is being completed by the prime subcontractor of the GC who was terminated and will perform the build out of the containers as well as the completion of the site work.